Lifeline Counselling seeks to support individuals with more deep seated issues. It aims to help you to overcome the difficulties that may be holding you back in life.

About this service

At Lifeline counselling we offer sessions to help you explore your deeper problems and mental health issues. We seek to help you to discover solutions that will help you to work towards your goals and for you to become empowered. 
Our aim is that we can help you to positively move forward with your life. 
We have both qualified and competent trainee volunteer counsellor’s to facilitate the counselling process. 

Life in Community seeks to offer Lifeline Counselling to help those to overcome issues that may have adversely affected their life.

Counselling involves discussing personal experiences and issues with a person who is trained to listen in a safe and confidential place. Many people find it helps to talk about themselves and their concerns in a way that you often can't do with family and friends.

Lifeline Counselling is currently offering mainly phone or online counselling for residents on low incomes.  

Our aim is to provide a safe and confidential service that can lead to positive outcomes. We do not give advice, we only provide the sufficient and safe space to work through your issues.

Lifeline Counselling offers both free and billable sessions, based upon your circumstances. We advocate both self referral and referral from a medical professional. Please be aware that we are unable to support clients who are suffering with acute mental health issues/illness. 

All Counsellors abide by the rules and codes of ethics laid down by BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy). 

Lifeline Counselling is a voluntary service and a client can cease using the service at any time. For this reason, we request that if someone wishes to access this service, there is an expected level of  engagement and commitment needed as part of this process. 

Clients will need to commit to up to 12 50-minute weekly or bi-weekly sessions, attending a minimum of 6 counselling sessions. 

All clients will be assessed by the one of the Senior Counselling Team before being allocated (matched) to one of our trained counsellors. 

Counselling sessions are charged at an affordable rate of £10 per hou (standard rates for such services, normally costs between £35-50 per hour) 

Before completing a referral form,  please ensure that our service is suitable, particularly if you or the person being referred has experienced severe mental health issues or illness. 

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