Covid -19 has resulted in a significant increase in isolation for the most vulnerable and as such we want to do our best to help. We are aware that due to restrictions it has been difficult for individuals to venture out and complete their shopping trips. 

We are also aware that many individuals continue to shield, therefore there is a need to support those who are self-isolating due to underlying health conditions.

With that in mind, Life in Community launched Lifeline Shopping Service to help those who are unable to access their essential groceries and supplies, due to anxiety, little or no support network or for those shielding.

Lifeline Shopping Service is offering a shopping service for vulnerable people who are referred to us for the following reasons:
- Those struggling with anxiety, and low-level mental health issues.
- Those experiencing apprehension regarding attending the supermarket due to the fear concerning Covid-19
- For those not proficient in using technology, to undertake online shopping

The team at Life in Community can complete online shopping orders for individuals/clients who require our support. The service also assigns volunteers to go directly to the supermarket, on behalf of the clients, especially during the autumn and winter months. Our volunteers are specifically selected based on the needs of the client. 

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Who can access the service and what is involved:

  • The service is available to those over 55 years old who are unable to access shopping via the usual methods (if you are under the age of 55 your request will be reviewed based on any special needs, disability, or health conditions)
  • Clients will be asked to register and an informal assessment will take place to ensure the service is right for them. If the clients wishes to proceed, they will become offically registered with the service
  • Clients will be designated volunteer to ensure continutity and trust in our service
  • Orders will be obtained via telephone and then either delivered directly to the resident's home or Lifeline Shopping would complete an online shop on behalf of a client and book a home delivery slot at the most convenient time for them
  • Shopping orders will be a maximum of £35. (There will be a surcharge for use of this service, max £3.50)
  • For volunteer deliveries, clients would be contacted prior to delivery to reduce the level of anxiety surrounding answering the door. (Shopping will be delivered to their door) leaving shopping on the their doorstep - in line with COVID-19 guidance.
For more information call or text

07752 659 257

You can also complete the form below. Please provide your details and check the options for the support you require at this time. We will do our best to answer query or request and contact you to arrange a dicussion regarding  your requirements. 
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